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Give your child the gift of this right of passage and watch them explore a new language through fun and friendship. Watch them jump for joy each month as they receive their letter and write to their new friend.


Our carefully designed personalised letters and activity packs develop your child's language skills through companionship, imagination and storytelling.

Each digital pen pal package gives your child the gift of 12 monthly messages from a virtual friend. By cleverly replacing some of the key words and phrases with their foreign language equivalents, your child is able to mix the known with the unknown and build their understanding without becoming overwhelmed.

Every fun filled letter also comes with a children's audio of the letter being read by their friend, a translation key and a selection of associated activities so no matter how your child learns best, you can help them on their way. 

Matched with Key Stage 1 & 2 Learning Objectives

Designed to spur a love of languages and communication, our packages are aimed at children aged 6-11 and support the aims of KS1 and KS2 programmes of study.


We welcome customers from across the globe and so KS1 & 2 may not mean much to you, but you can rest assured that our programs are based around the highest standards of  the national curriculum for England and Wales and are suitable for all international readers with English as a first language.


Our engaging children's audio readings help your child to listen attentively and show understanding of spoken language.

With both audio spanning dual languages and easy to navigate translations, children can explore the patterns of language and link the spelling, sound and meaning of words.

By incorporating foreign language patterns into even the native audio sentences, children can quickly develop a strong understanding of accurate pronunciation and intonation.

Reading and Writing

Through personalised communication, your child is encouraged to read carefully and show understanding of words, phrases and simple writing.

By following a carefully crafted journey across a range of subject areas, children can broaden their vocabulary and develop their ability to understand new words that are introduced into the familiar style of written material.

Your child will learn to describe people, places, things and actions orally and in writing in a way that encourages them to engage in conversation, express opinions and respond to those of their pen pal.

Appreciating Other Cultures

A developed sense of intercultural understanding is an essential part of being a good citizen.


We know that children develop a better understanding of their own lives by exploring the lives of others. Therefore, by following our crafted friendship journeys and learning about life in other parts of the world, our subscribers learn to look at things from another’s perspective,

This insight into other cultures helps children become more aware of the similarities and differences between people, their daily lives and traditions.

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What's Included?

12 Monthly Messages from a Virtual Pen Pal

Each message is personalised to directly address your child and is crafted to take them on a journey of exploration and learning.


By keeping the bulk of the letter in their native language and gradually replacing key words with their foreign equivalent, we build your child's confidence and expand their communication comfort zone.

Audio of Your Child's Letter Being Read by Their Pen Pal

By offering ditigal letters we bring the joy of communication into the 21st century and your child has the opportunity to hear their letter being read aloud.

By listening to both native and foreign words and phrases in a new accent, your child is able to get to grips with new sounds and patterns of intonation as well as new vocabulary.


Each month your child is given a template to form a reply to their Pen Pal. We have crafted each letter to cover a range of key stage linked topics and so the communication will flow freely no matter what is in the reply.

This template offers helpful prompts and encourages your child to utilise their new language tools whilst also practicing their writing skills.


Each monthly letter package also comes with a variety of fun activities aimed at cementing their new found knowledge. The activities include word searches, matching games and more.


This variety of hands on tasks along with audio and written communication ensures your child remains engaged no matter what their preferred learning style might be.

How Does it Work?

It's simple! You choose which language package you wish to buy and after payment you'll receive a link to the sign up page. When you are ready to start your learning journey, fill in the details of the child who will be receiving the digital letters and start receiving messages right away.


Will my child be communicating with a real person?

Yes and no. Our team here at My Perfect Pen Pal have carefully crafted the correspondence to take your child on an exciting learning journey. So, whilst the letters certainly have a personal touch, they are based around fictional characters so you can rest assured that they will not be communicating with a stranger online.

Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Yes you can! Simply purchase a gift voucher and send this to your recipient and they will be able to choose their own Pen Pal package and personalise it for their child.

Will I receive a physical letter?

Each letter is sent digitally making it easier for children to use our audio and online translation tools to sound out tricky words and give them the space to be curious. You can also print out letters and activities to keep.

When will I start receiving the messages?

Once payment has been taken you will receive a welcome email with a link to your sign up page. Once you submit an email address on this sign up page, your first message will be sent instantly and then every month thereafter.

How is it such good value?

Keeping our prices affordable is really important to our main goal of opening the door to reading and languages to as many children as possible. We keep our infrastructure simple and pass the savings on to you.

What age are the packages aimed at?

Our packages are designed for ages 6-11  and our friendly characters are designed to appeal to a wide age range so every child can experience the joy of a having a Pen Pal. Younger readers aged 6-8 are likely to need a little guidance with tricky words so reading and listening with an adult is the best way to get the most fun from the messages.

Can my child reply?

Yes they certainly can, in fact we encourage readers to create a reply in order to practice their writing and comprehension skills. Whilst we will not be able to respond specifically to any replies, your child is given a reply template attached to each message which can be printed and filled in. You may wish to keep these to look back on in the future. However, readers are not required to reply and all future messages will arrive regardless of whether or not they choose to respond.

Where do I sign up?

Click here to go to our packages page and start your language adventure now.


Imogen, Mum

“I love seeing my daughter's face light up each time she gets her letter. She loves reading them to us and practicing her French. She now can't wait to start languages at school."

Rebecca, Mum and Teacher

"I love this! I would buy this just for the sheer joy factor but the fact that it supports their learning and enhances the curriculum is simply brilliant."

Laura, Head of Year

“The letters do what traditional teaching often can't, they give children the chance to explore in their own way. It's a great way for parents to support their children in those crucial early years.”

Your Child's Pen Pal is Waiting

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