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Our Story

Here at My Perfect Pen Pal, we all experienced the joy of having a pen pal when we were younger. We know how valuable this kind of kinship and exchange of stories can be to a growing young mind and how it can spark a joy of languages and exploration that lasts a lifetime.  However, in today's world the art of writing letters is changing and it can be daunting for parents to facilitate communication with a stranger. The traditional role of the pen pal was fading away.


So we reinvented it.

By designing ourselves to be digitally native, we can offer so much more than traditional pen and paper ever could, whilst keeping kinship at the heart of all we do. We strive to make our pen pal journeys as inclusive as possible by providing for a range or learning styles. We love seeing the joy in our children's faces as they read their special letters and we hope you will too.

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