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Pierre is a fun and adventurous kid living in Lyon. Join him as he writes about his life and activities across school, weekends, holidays and more!

A Year of Learning French with Pierre

  • A years subscription of monthly digital letters from our character "Pierre". You will receive a monthly message that has been crafted to entertain and help your child explore a new language in a fun and accessible way. Each month your child will explore a particular subject whilst learning about other cultures. Each printable digital letter is personalised for your child and comes with a translation key and a selection of hands on activites to keep them occupied and continue their learning. The digital letters also come with audio of their Pen Pal reading the letter aloud to them so they can listen and learn. To help them practice their writing skills they will also be provided with a template to reply to their friend, which you may choose to keep and look back on later.



Listen to a sample audio now

Diego (Spanish)

Pierre (French)

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